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  My Recent Trip: Folsom Lake - Negro Bar
Folsom Lake State Recreation Area has a number of campgrounds one of which is called Negro Bar, located on the North end of Nimbus Lake and just south of the new Rainbow Bridge. It only has 3 group campsites but has plenty of things to do. more... 

Welcome to My Scout Page.  My name is Devin Holmes and I've been involved in Scouting for over 25 years in one way or another.  During this time I have collected many pictures, awards, & patches.  In addition I have been able to camp in a variety of different places in California.  During these many years any time I went somewhere or received something I also placed it in my Scout Box hoping to do something with it someday.  Well that day is here.  I've been using the internet for years and have made many different types of informational pages.  I'm always looking for new places to go by looking at other Scout pages.  So I figured why not get all of my information out there as well.  So I finally found some time to sit down and start putting all of my Scout related information together into what I call "My Scout Page."  In the coming years this is were I'll be able to continue to add to my patches, trips, and photos.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The California Aqueduct
A Bike Trail that will take you along the California Aqueduct.  You start at Bethany Reservoir in Tracy, CA and finish at San Luis Reservoir near Gustine, CA.  The bike ride is about 65 miles. more...




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