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Steve Taff, my Scoutmaster, was into recognition.  From the court of honors, to letters to the boys, to getting us in the local paper, and even the New Era a church magazine for youth.  When it comes down to it recognition doesn't take very much effort.  In order to get into the local paper all you have to do is type up a story about the outing and send a picture along with it.  Local papers are always looking for stories about local people.  Here are the few copies that I have of some of these clippings.

Elk Grove Citizen December 1983 - Ray Lindsay is awarded Scout of the year.  This is from a court of honor we had December 11, 1983.  Brother Taff was getting us very involved in the troop and wanting to be a part of all of it.  He came up with the requirements for Scout of the Year.
New Era January/February 1984 - This was the first snow campout I had ever gone on.  Steve had hired an outdoor guide to show us the ropes of what to do, not to do, and how to survive if we needed to.  This was the start of many snow campouts to come.  We were so excited when we saw our pictures in the New Era.
Elk Grove Citizen August 1985 - This is an article about our West Coast Cycling Trip.  This was supposed to be a 350 miles cycling trip, for me it was more like 200 miles, on the 3rd or 4th day I had a battle with the side of the road and lost.
Elk Grove Citizen October 1985 - This is an article highlighting my Eagle Scout Award.  I was very proud of this award and even more so when I saw that my picture was in the paper.  
Sacramento Bee October 21, 1985 - This is from the Neighbors section of the Sacramento Bee.  The Neighbors section usually has stories about things local to that area.  Either way it was just cool to see my picture in an even bigger paper than the Citizen.  I'm sure the town was sick of seeing my picture by now.


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