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  My News: Sonoma-Mendocino Coast
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Elk Grove Citizen August 2, 1985
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Varsity Scout Team 294 of Elk Grove completed a 285 mile, six-day bicycle tour of the Sonoma-Mendocino coast early in July.

The group, consisting of 10 Varsity scouts and five adults leaders, began the journey by car on July 1, traveling to Duncan Mills.  From there, they started out on bicycles, accompanied by a support vehicle or "sag wagon" to carry the food and equipment.

The inland part of the tour took the group through such towns as Guerneville, Healdsburg., Geyserville, Cloverdale, Boonville, Philo, and Comptche.  The three mil-mile-long hill between Cloverdale and Philo was real popular with the cyclists -- especially in the 100 plus degree heat.

On Wednesday, the group encountered the pleasant weather of the Mendocino Coast, camping at Russian Gulch State Park, just south of Fort Bragg.  At the beach, the scouts enjoyed exploring the many tidal pools.  Many of the boys had their first encounter with starfish, sea urchins, sand crabs, hermit crabs, sea anemones, and barnacles.

From here, the journey took the group south along Highway 1 and the coast, stopping to camp at Manchester Beach and Salt Point.  At the beach at Salt Point, the scouts saw and photographed about 15 sea lions sunning themselves on some rocks near the shoreline.

On the final day, the group cycled the final 53 miles, from Salt Point to Bodega Bay, then inland back to the starting point at Duncan Mills.  During the week, the boys worked on merit badges in the areas of woodcarving, cooking, camping, and of course, cycling.  The boys also qualified for the "Century Club" cycling patch (minimum 250 miles on a bicycle trip).  In earning this patch, several of the boys earned their last of four Century Club awards for canoeing (100 miles), hiking (100 miles), and camping 25 nights).  The boys who completed this "Grand Slam" in Century Club awards were Brent Harris, Eric George, and Ray Lindsay.  Adult leaders Steve Taff and Danny Rowe also joined the scouts in earning these awards.

Boys attending the bicycle outing were Mark D'Urso, Lewis Van Vliet, Doug Seiler, Devin Holmes, Eric George, Brent Harris, Kelly DeVoodg, Adam Harris, Ray Lindsay, and Ryan Lazalier.  The adults who accompanied the group were Colby Eller, Ron Sargent, Joe Melvin, Danny Roe, and Steve Taff.

Varsity Scout team 294 is sponsored by the Elk Grove Third Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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