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  Dillon Beach - Photo Gallery


Dillon Beach - July 18th & 19th, 2003

Sand castles on the beach. In the background they decide to play football, I decide to take a nap under my umbrella. John and Sean getting ready for the next play. Making another strategic plan. Quick who has the ball!
Now play nice! We must build it stronger, better, faster... Look at all those white bodies, you did put sunscreen on right? The fog begins to lift. A new and improved sand castle, built better, stronger...
Going for that last touch down. Back from the beach, now what do we do? Look at those organizational skills! John calling home to let his wife know he's having a "terrible time." Waiting for dinner to cook.
With a campfire started we're camping now.  Matt telling stories again. I think I lost my head. Can't we just lay here all day? John, Sean, Keith, Eric,  Matt, Jonathan, Johnny, & Zach ready to head home.


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