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  Folsom Lake - Negro Bar Campground: Photo Gallery


Paul and son Chase. Alex and sons Brandon filling up. Adam, "can I see?" The Kevin Castle.
Greg packing it in. Checking out camp. Around the campfire with Greg. Around the campfire, Zach! Devin and son Adam sharing a soda.
A look towards the campfire late at night. Darrell up bright  and early with the boys. Jonathan trying to wake up. Where's my bike, I know I left it here last night. Enjoying the morning fire: Darrell, Brandon, Brett, & Adam.
Everyone at the other side of camp at the morning fire. More marshmallows anyone? The chefs have arrived! Digging in to the mounds of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Jose enjoying his own breakfast.
The Scoutmasters and the boys! Troy packing up to head home. It was fun, can we go home now?


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