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  The California Aqueduct: Photo Gallery


Unloading the bikes at Bethany Reservoir. Bishop, Dave, & Devin Checking out the equipment. Devin & Dan (Son & Father). And the journey begins.  The start of the trail at Bethany Reservoir. The start of the trail at Bethany Reservoir.
Are you sure you know where we're going? Looking down the California Aqueduct, just after the bike trail goes over 580. Going over the Bike Trail at 580. Around the 30 mile marker. Ryan, Johnny, John & Sean Eric, Devin, TJ, & Anthony about the 40 mile marker.
Checkpoint 4 TJ, Bishop, & Eric Checkpoint 4 after 30 minutes, Devin on the Phone with Noel. Sean eating chips. 55 Miles into the trip.  Devin, Devin, & Eric Devin, Bishop, Eric, & Devin Finally at the Campground and unloading the equipment
Getting dinner going. Still unpacking. Devin & Devin (Father & Son) Eric, TJ, & Anthony watching the fire. Stirring up the Pot. Keith, Johnny, Dave, & Bishop.
Dave & Bishop. Bishop, Devin, & Dave. Dave, Keith, Johnny, John, & Sean Dave, Johnny, John, Sean, & Bishop Bishop, Dave, & Johnny
Sean, Keith, Ryan, John, Bishop Dave, Noel, Johnny Devin, Devin, &  Zach Devin, Devin, TJ, & Eric Devin, Noel, & TJ
Anthony, Noel, Devin, & Eric Anthony, Devin, Noel, & Eric Dave, Johnny, Ryan, Keith, &  Bishop Keith "I'm Hungry" Dave and his pet snake.
Dave showing John the pet snake. John showing the rest of the guys the trick the dead snake can do. Ryan showing Devin how to roast marshmallows by lantern.  Noel showing the boys how to play chess. Sean, Anthony and Eric roasting by the fire. Anthony watching Eric eat a burnt Marshmallow.
The bishop enjoying a little quiet time around the fire. Noel still playing chess with the boys. Anthony & Devin making pancakes and eggs with Eric looking on. The tent I slept in. A better view of the tent I slept in.
Devin & Anthony still making breakfast with Eric still looking on. Sean & Johnny trying to figure out what to do next. Keith making a run for it. Johnny & John discussing breakfast.  Noel & Devin at the stove.   The Bishop explaining the finer things about breakfast.
Devin getting the egg pan squeaky clean for the next batch of eggs. Anthony, Noel, & Devin at the table still. Devin putting the lantern away with Devin looking on in amazement. Bishop and Dave looking at the green hills. Chef Noel at work.
Chef Noel showing the boys a thing about cooking. Ryan in the chair, TJ and Devin looking towards the cars. Noel trying to make one more batch of pancakes. Noel looking at the lack of flame due to no more  propane Johnny & John cleaning up with Keith too. 
Zach showing Sean how to put a tent away. Devin & Dave packing up to go. Anthony finally washes his hands. Ryan, Devin, Devin, & Noel all put it away. John & Johnny finishing up the packing.


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